Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harsh Reality & Police Shootings

Ok, it seems I've got a few moments for once to write something down so here goes...and once again, sorry for the long lag between posts.

About ten days ago a kid was shot by a cop here in Charlotte while, according to police, pointing a gun at the cop chasing him while running from the aforementioned officer.

The police account is being disputed by approximately five witnesses who said the kid didn't pull a gun at all.

For some readers my view on this incident might seem harsh but I make no apologies...I never had much sympathy for criminals anyway so here goes.

Isn't it interesting that in the neighborhood in question there have been other shootings yet when the police arrive and ask for witnesses there never are any...that's right folks "nobody saw nuthin." Now a police officer shoots someone and all of a sudden there are five witnesses. As the French say "quelle coincidence."

The bottom line is this, and this is what people in the neighborhood, and critics of the cops handling of the situation, seem to miss...

If the kid who'd been shot hadn't chosen a life of crime he'd be alive today...

If he'd stopped when the officer told him to, he'd be alive today...

If he hadn't been carrying a gun illegally he'd be alive today...(oh yes, I left that bit out...they did find a silver pistol inches from his body immediately after the shooting...that would be the silver pistol the witnesses didn't seem to see)

Carry a gun, commit crimes, run from the cops and get shot...why does anyone have a problem with this? It's all avoidable by the victim and that's the bit the critics seem to conveniently forget.

If you haven't seen the Chris Rock piece on how to avoid falling afoul of the law you need to do yourself a favor and Google it (be warned: the language is a tad salty) ...basically he says "Obey the Law" Stop when you're told to, don't run your mouth, don't carry a gun, don't do drugs, don't hang with people who run their mouths, carry guns illegally and do drugs and you'll be fine. What a novel concept...maybe some of the bad guys should try it.