Sunday, May 13, 2007

Convenience Again

In my last post I talked about the three enemies of self protection being ego, complacency and convenience.

Yesterday I was at the local mall and I saw a woman putting her toddler in the kids seat in the back of the car. Her pocket book/purse was on the roof of the car, she was bent over inside and totally absorbed with the job of getting her kid strapped in. Had I been a criminal it would have been so easy, given the fact she was so task-fixated, to attack her, or swipe her bag.

The proper way to do that is to get in the car on the opposite side of the child safety seat and lock the doors while you strap in your child. Then get back out and walk round to the driver's side and leave.

Now, how often do you see anyone doing that? Almost never, because it's not convenient.

Criminals are counting on that so I guess it depends whether you want to deal with the inconvenience of the few extra seconds it takes to do it the right way, or the inconvenience of being a victim of serious criminal assault.

PS: Sorry for the spottiness of the posts...have some major personal and business things going on right now which should be resolved in the next few weeks then it will be back to a regular posting schedule.

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Colin Wee said...

Nick -

You've got an excellent blog! Thank you.

I myself am a martial arts and self defence instructor. I started researching violent assaults and rape prevention techniques for women in the early 1990s and then started a course in 1992. Then have been continuing research and delivering a single short awareness course from then to about 2-3 years ago.

I find it terribly upsetting when SD instructors don't spend the time to discuss or research their topic. They don't even spend time to understand the needs and issues of their particular audience. Most times it's a 'one size fits all' course comprising of a couple of simple 'martial arts techniques', breakfalls, maybe some ground techniques, and then some ominous safety tips.

As an aside, I am also a house husband - and I take care of two young children. You are right about cars and carparks. This is the time I feel most vulnerable. First off the setting off of lower back pain as you struggle with the child. The second, of most concern, is not being able to fully be aware of who or what is approaching you as you're neck deep in that safety harness.

Nowadays, I try to keep as vigilant as possible before and when loading the children in. I have also implemented a new opening door stance - I jam one shin (turned inward) into the door opening, and the other leg is pushed backward to hold the door out. Why? If I had both legs straight in, all you've got to do if you're a crim is to just slam the door shut on the unwitting parent - cracking both shins. Everything else is easy after that.

Another thing - after shopping, the children go into the car first. I've been very alarmed before to see the shopping trolly roll away from the car whilst being focused on moving grocery bags.

Like you say, never put anything on the car or around the car. Car keys need to be in your pocket. Valuables inside the car.