Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Makes it All Worthwhile

One of my mates in Philly is a devout follower of the Fight Survival System that I teach. Marc comes to all the seminars and has been down to Charlotte to attend the first half of his instructor's certification as well as to several of the annual boot camps we do.

Last night I received this message from him...

Nick: My sister just called me to tell me she was the victim of a home invasion.

She woke up on her couch to a man standing over her. Apparently, he told her to "shut the fuck up" and grabbed her breasts. I've shared my FIST training with her so she could stay safe at college. She took the initiative and did exactly the last thing this guy was expecting and beat the shit out of him. After multiple strikes to the face and groin, he fled. She was so amped she she chased him down barefoot in the snow and continued the beating, during the course of which he lost his cell phone.

Cops now have his billing info and prints. She was unscathed.

FIST WORKS! She's 5'2" 120lbs and destroyed this guy. Thank you for the training to fight and win and thank you for the instructor training so I could share these life saving skills with my sister. When you're out in Philly, I'll be sure to bring her out. Feel free to share this story with others.


I've had several letters and calls like this over the years...a blue belt who scared off and was responsible for the capture of a campus rapist in Australia, an English mate who was nearly mugged by 3 guys here in Charlotte, a Legion buddy who's son learned the stuff I taught him and survived a multiple attack in the UK.

They are, undoubtedly, what makes all the years of training, sacrifice and teaching worthwhile (it sure isn't the money as anyone who teaches the real deal stuff will tell you.)

I'm crossing my fingers the cell phone leads back to the attacker (and wasn't stolen). I'm also hoping if it does come back to him the DNA test that will undoubtedly be run will link him to other attacks and one less evil bastid will be out on the streets preying on women.

That's my Christmas wish...


Wolftalker said...

Someone googled me.
They found you.
They found you talking about me.
I then found this blog of yours.

Congratulations on being alive, apparently well, and still an alpha dog.

Email me so we can swap lies.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Nick Hughes said...

Would love to email you mate (tried finding you on facebook for ages) but your profile is blocked.

Try me on my generic steele726 at hotmail dot com and I'll forward you my personal address.