Thursday, March 1, 2007

Exit, Stage Left

We used to play a game designed to test awareness when I was on certain teams as a body guard. It's another one that lends itself very well to the civilian world.

It involved going into a restaurant (or any building) and at some point covering up someones' eyes and asking them to point out where the exit(s) was/were. If they couldn't immediately point in the correct direction dinner was on them.

Obviously the need for a body guard to know where the exits are in case of an emergency is fairly evident. What about for you? Well, it's simple self protection again...don't go into somewhere you don't know the way out of.

Also, consider this. In the event of an emergency you may well not be able to look up and see where the exits are. Whether it be a bomb, a fire an earthquake or any other disaster, smoke, flames and people will be in your way. You'll be disoriented and precious seconds will be gained knowing in which direction you need to be heading instead of running round in a blind panic like a headless chicken.

Remember, take care of one else will do it for you.


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