Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More airport stuff

I got a lot of feedback from people about hanging the coat on the door - and even heard from one chap who wrote me to say he'd actually hung his laptop on the hook of the stall door the morning before he read my blog. Fortunately for him, nobody swiped it but he said he's learned his lesson.

On the subject of laptops there's another airport scam to be aware of. You walk up to the security check point, you place your laptop on the scanner and, just as you're about to step through the detector, someone jumps in front apologizing but claiming they're running late for a flight.

They, of course, are part of the scam. They have their pockets loaded with all manner of metallic objects that set the scanner off and hold everyone up. Meanwhile, their accomplice on the other side has claimed your lap top as his own and is gone.

By the time you get past the hapless guy with all the metal your lap top is gone.

You've been warned.

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