Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bubba git your gun

I was at our local gun show one day and wearing a t-shirt with a martial arts logo on it. One (of the big fat tobacco chewing kind) redneck saw the shirt and commented to his mate "Hell, I'd just shoot him...yuk yuk."
I smiled and said "Got your gun on you?"
"Well hell no...you can't bring 'em in heah" he replied
"Exactly" I said and walked off.

And guess where else you can't bring them?

On planes, in airports, anywhere that serves alcohol, in post offices, in banks, on school grounds, into the court house, on government property, into businesses who've posted signs saying you can't and several states in the USA...oh, and gun shows.

I've probably missed a few locations but you get the general idea...anyone who's putting his entire defensive strategy in his pistol ownership and shooting abilities just hasn't thought things through.

Maybe Bubba thought I was putting all of mine in martial arts (which some naive martial artists do) but I own weapons as well and train with them fairly consistently...tactically as well, not just on paper targets that don't move or shoot back.

So what's your plan? Got all your bases covered or just one of them?


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