Thursday, January 18, 2007

Curtain Call

When I first arrived in Charlotte approximately twelve years ago I used to live near downtown and drive through a suburb called Myers Park on the way to the movies.

What struck me as odd was that almost every house, and these are verrrrry nice houses, would have no curtains on the windows, lights blazing inside, in every room, with all their silverware, artwork and fine furniture etc on display for the world to see.

I could never figure out whether they were struggling so hard to keep up with the Jones' that they couldn't afford curtains or whether it was merely a case of trying to rub everyone's nose in it i.e. the fact they had nice things and you didn't. Either way it was a dumb move. In Australia, England and France elementary home security 101 was you always keep your blinds drawn so crooks trying to case places to rob had their work cut out for them figuring if you had anything work taking.

Here was the Myers Park crowd putting it all on display like a storefront window in a veritable smorgasbord for the criminal set to pick and choose from.

Well, finally it happened. I heard in the news the other day crooks tried three times - and the third time was a charm - to get a flat screen tv from a house in - yep, you guessed it - Myers Park. The first time they were confronted in the house, the second time they got in but were scared away and the last time they got the loot.

Now, it's curtains for the crooks because they were finally caught...and hopefully it will be curtains for the residents of the area who may have finally realized that leaving all your valuables on display is a boneheaded move and serves no purpose but to let crooks know if you have anything work taking.

Normally I sympathize with the victims...but, this is no different than leaving a pocket book and a Rolex on the front seat of your car and expecting me to shed a tear when you come back to find someone broke your window and took it.

Hide your valuables people, hide your valuables. It's elementary security.

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