Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cut To Shreds

Do yourself a favour...if you don't have a cross-cut shredder yet get one tomorrow and start using it.

ID theft is a huge problem...and getting bigger all the time. Contrary to what Hollywood would have you believe the bad guys aren't hacking into your computer to get your info...they raid your letterbox and they raid your trash.

As a former Private Investigator a useful tool for us was to take some one's garbage and sort through it. You would be astounded at the amount of personal information people are dumping in their trash, assuming, incorrectly, that's once it's there it's safe from prying eyes. IT'S NOT!!!

When it comes to shredders the best ones are the cross cut shredders. (That means it cuts the paper both lengthwise and longways) Regular strip shredders can be circumvented by taking out the paper and (laboriously) putting it all back together. You can't do that with a cross cut because it makes your documents look like confetti.

What should go in the shredder? Pretty much anything that has an account number on it, phone number, address, PIN, Social Security Number et al.

Don't forget...the hundred dollars the shredder will cost is way cheaper and more convenient than sorting out a stolen identity and all the aggravation that surrounds repairing the damage.


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