Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sign of the times

It's fast reaching the point where bouncers in Charlotte are going to have to work wearing bullet resistant vests.

Two weeks ago, one of my students had a gun pulled on him and his co-worker while they did security at a club. They'd refused a guy entry and so he pulled a pistol and threatened to shoot them.

Sunday night, at a club called Crush, two folks were shot in the legs while on the dance floor. What's even scarier about that one is that the consensus is that it was an accident; i.e some numb skull dropped a weapon they were carrying illegally and it went off. (A perfect illustration by the way, of the cheap nature of thugs and the junk they buy. A good quality weapon wouldn't have gone off just because it fell on the ground)

Another bouncer was shot a few months ago in a parking lot outside the club trying to break up some trouble.

When I did door work years ago the chances of someone coming back with a gun was somewhat slim and it was usually reserved for doorman who'd gone overboard and crossed a line. Now it seems to be for any damn reason at all.

Be careful out there


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