Friday, February 16, 2007


I was talking to a mate today and remembered a portion of my hotel security lecture. In India, when you walk outside one of the very biggest hotels, there is a huge sign strung across the road saying "Beware of Pick Pockets." Conveniently, the sign is in several different languages.

The amusing thing is that it's the local pick pockets who put the sign up!!!

What's the first thing the average tourist does when he sees the sign? Pats his pocket where his wallet is to reassure himself it's still where he put it. In so doing, of course he lets the pickpocket know where it is thus saving the enterprising thief time.

The very best art those from Sth America who target London and Paris during the holiday seasons. They work in teams and quickly pass the lifted wallet from team member to team member. Even if you feel it gone and grab the guy you think has it, it is already five team members away.

According to the copper I trained with in London, they mail them back en masse to a post box in their home town thus insuring there's no evidence to be found during a search at the airport or their flat.

You can make their job a tad harder. Immediately check after you've been "bumped" by anyone. Carry your wallet, or cash, in your front pockets and never an inside pocket on a jacket which is the easiest of all to lift. Ladies keep your pocket books/purses closed at all times. The biker trick of keeping a chain attached to your wallet and your belt isn't bad either. Doesn't look very fasionable but good luck getting one of those away from someone.

One of my mates on a body guard team I worked on had Velcro on his and Velcro in his pocket so it involved a modicum of effort to get it out.

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