Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Village is Missing its Idiot

I was walking into a bank the other day and I noticed the ubiquitous "The possession of a weapon on these premises, licensed or otherwise, is an offense."

Now, this sign, of which there are many, begs the question; "at whom are they aimed at?" (no pun intended)

The only person I could possibly see being effected by it would be a law abiding citizen who has passed the background check required to possess a firearm and carry it concealed. He would, being law-abiding, turn round and place his weapon in his vehicle.

Now, here's the bit where whoever placed the sign, proved his worth to the hall of fame of village idiots everywhere. Just how many law-abiding citizens have robbed banks? [Careful village idiots reading this...that's a trick question and the clue is "law-abiding"] The answer, and this again is for the village dunces, is NONE!!!

The bank robbers are breaking the law and are therefore NOT considered law-abiding.

So here's the second part of the question to help the village idiot sign placers realize why they're considered idiots; How many bank robbers, walking up to the bank have seen the sign, stamped their feet in frustration, let out a hearty "Drat, foiled again. I can't take my gun inside for I'll be breaking the law." and then walked away - to rob a bank without a sign maybe?

The answer to both is zero.

So, just to make it really easy in case you still haven't got it. Bank robbers, as a general rule, will not pay much attention to signs telling them not to take guns into banks. Law abiding citizens on the other hand will, but they're not your problem.

Here's one final question to ponder. If the law-abiding citizen concealed his weapon and carried it in anyway, how would you know? (another hint here for you...consider very carefully the word "concealed." It is, what we in the investigations industry call "A Clue.")

You know the really funny bit? In certain states the signs have to be certain sizes and certain colors and usually aren't, which means the guy who put the sign up just broke the law.

PS: I'd like to see a bank advertise that it was open and friendly to gun owners. I'd like to see it go a step further and advertise that all its tellers and managers were armed and all shot together on the weekend. And here's the 64,000 dollar question for the village idiots...how many robberies do you reckon such a bank would have in any given year? (the answer is the same answer as above i.e ZERO)

PPS: As a law abiding citizen transporting vast sums of cash to the bank I have a right to carry to defend my money. When I arrive at the bank (with the sign) you don't provide a lock box for me to put my pistol in so what am I supposed to do with it? Some pit bull lawyer is going to sue a bank for millions one day because his client will be mugged at the door by a bad guy who knows the good guy won't be carrying for lack of a place to put his weapon. You, with your sign, and no safe place for weapon storage, will have denied him his right to self defense. Good luck with that one.

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