Saturday, February 3, 2007

Running on Empty

One of the tips I picked up on one of the body guard courses I did was treat the halfway mark on your gas gauge in your car as your new empty mark. In other words that gas tank should NEVER be less than half full. (or more than half empty, for all you pessimists reading this.)

Think about it for a minute...

You're driving home and notice you're being followed
You're at home and one of the kids has an accident and you need to get to the emergency room asap
The dog/cat needs an emergency ride to the vets
You're driving somewhere, get in a road rage incident and some clown is chasing you trying to shoot you

The list could go on but you get the idea. Having at least a half tank of gas at all times is strategically smart and buys you peace of mind.

A good drill is to get a mate/spouse/significant other and tell them...if you ever get in the car and I have less than half a tank dinner/coffee is on me, or pay them ten bucks every time they catch you. That will give you the incentive to treat it with the importance it deserves.


PS: If you have a relatively small gas tank in your car (My Beemer has a 26 gallon tank, my old Explorer had a 15) and can't stand the stopping to gas up all the time change it to the 1/4 full mark.

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