Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Mate Marcus

If you're reading this blog you probably enjoy the same things I do. If that's the case, and you've never had the pleasure of reading Marcus Wynne's yourself a favor and pick up any one of his excellent three books.

Marcus' site can be found here Marcus Wynne and you can read all about this amazing man on his home page.

His books are a tour de force with regards to being realistic and he's one of a rare few men I have a lot of time for.


PS: He's written a 4th book which is currently at the publishers. I had the good fortune and pleasure to read the first chapter (and now I chew my finger nails waiting for it to come out so I can see how the damned thing ends LOL) when Marcus was here with our mutual friend, and another legend, Dennis Martin.

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Alan said...

Having read all three previously published books by Marcus I would heartily recommend them to anyone seeking a good read.

Marcus has a great depth of knowledge on his chosen genre and the books are extremely well written.

Cant wait for the fourth instalment.

Alan Beckett