Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Connie Francis the singer was robbed and raped in a NY city hotel many years ago and it was her celebrity status that caused it to make the news and not much else. To add insult to injury her bodyguard was in the next room while the attack went on for two hours.

Hotel security is always scant at best. The safes in the room can't be trusted, the safety chains wouldn't stop a determined eight year old and with poor key control nobody knows who can access your room.

One aid that I always carry, either when I travel myself or with clients, is a simple rubber door wedge. They cost less than three dollars and buy you a hell of a lot of peace of mind and they take up almost no space at all in your luggage.

I wonder what would cost more...a bodyguard or the door stop? So yourself a favor and grab a couple next time you're at Lowes/Home Depot and keep them in your luggage. They're worth their weight in gold.


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Patrick Parker said...

The doorstops are a GREAT idea.

You might want to tell your clients what to do once they have the invaders bottled up at the door - seems like common sense but in a place with no back door (i.e. hotel room) you have to have the presence of mind to call for help while the wedges delay them.