Monday, February 19, 2007

Security Driving Tip

This one comes straight out of body guarding 101 but applies across the board.

Whenever you're driving in traffic and you pull up to a car in front, make sure you can see the bottom of his back tyres (tires for the American readers) over the hood (bonnet for the English) of your car.

If you can it means you have enough room to hook your wheels left or right and get out of there should the need arise. If you're so close you can't and something happens you're either going to have to ram the car in front or wait till he moves...neither of which are good options, especially if he's part of a set-up.

Simple technique - the best ones often are - but worth its weight in gold given the amount of car-jackings and road-rage incidents there are in the world today.

Given the amount of time people spend in their vehicles I'll spend a fair amount of time on tips and tricks that will make you safer while you're doing it.


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