Monday, February 5, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm

When I went to school and got caught playing up I was physically belted by the teacher - anything from a wooden duster hurled at my head, to being picked up out of my seat by the sideburn to a physical clout across the back of the bonce. None of it did any physical damage but it bloody hurt.

At that point I was sent outside to stand in the hallway where, if I was spotted by the monitor, taken along to the headmaster's office for a caning. This would be one to six strokes of a bamboo rod across my behind. Again, no lasting physical damage but lots of pain.

He, the headmaster, would then phone my mother who, upon my arrival home would order me to my room, minus an afternoon snack and minus the right to go play with my mates, to await the arrival of my father. (psychological warfare anyone?)

She would, upon his arrival home, relay the message from school and another beating would ensue despite my pretending to be asleep and or other equally useless strategies designed to evoke sympathy. Again, no lasting physical damage from any of the corporal punishment, just hurt at the time and reinforced the message to toe the line or else.

FOUR punishments for one transgression (which, when you figure I was only caught about one in four times was about right)

NOBODY who grew up in that environment ever talked back to teachers, threatened physical violence or took guns to school and shot everyone who pissed them off. We were too damned scared of what would happen to us if we did.

Nowadays we have these wizard politically correct child rearing experts who have decided spanking is bad and parents, who unlike mine, not only won't side with the school when their beloved, perfect, can do no wrong offspring plays up, but actually try and sue the school and the teachers, if they lay a hand on their brat.

And now, said brats go to school threatening teachers, shooting teachers and classmates and teachers actually receive memos warning them not to chastise kids in front of their peers lest they feel disrespected and come back and shoot you. (True of my karate students is a teacher and I saw the memo)

I'll leave you all to draw the necessary conclusions from this but know this, if (and it's a HUGE if) I ever have kids I'll sue the school system every day they don't belt my child at least once.


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