Friday, February 9, 2007

Out With The Old, In With The New

A lot of advice that was good years ago isn't so good now. Take for example the old saw about surrendering your valuables if you got mugged. Remember the line..."your watch won't die for you, you shouldn't die for it."

That used to be great advice. No amount of money in your wallet was worth losing your life over so give it up. Nowadays however a disturbing new trend is occurring. More and more muggers and criminal low-lifes are killing people anyway, whether they hand over their belongings or not. A search of Google will show up examples including the "all over the news" one in Washington DC not so long ago.

The jury is currently out on this but don't expect the forward thinkers of modern self defense to take long to begin advising fight back regardless.


PS: The old time muggers must be lamenting this know, the ones that used to give you five bucks back for a cab home, providing you asked nicely. Pretty soon, when the word gets around, and everyone starts fighting back, they're actually going to have to start working for their money.

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