Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where You Gonna Go?

While working in executive protection in the UK I landed the gig protecting soap opera star Emma Sands for her wedding and reception. I had to take her from the registry office all the way out to Pinewood Studios on the day which meant advance work the day before.

That involved walking all over the two locations, liaising with people who needed to be liaised with and, most importantly, planning the route. Paul D who I was working with on the gig, and myself, ran a standard advance which for the uninitiated involves mapping out all the exits, times of traffic lights, alternate routes, whereabouts of hospitals, police stations and so on.

That way, if en route to the reception there's an accident for example, security knows immediately where to go for help.

There's a lesson to be learned here for civilians. Do you (or your significant other) drive home the same way from work everyday? Do they do the same drive on the weekends going to the in-laws for dinner? If so, do you know at any given point in the trip where is the nearest hospital, fire station, police station, 24 hour grocery store or garage etc? They should, and so should you.

Imagine your wife is coming home late one night and is being followed by a car load of thugs? Would she come home and bring trouble with her? Or would she know EVERY location on the way home that's open 24/7 so all she has to do is drive there knowing it will be open and staffed?

[Imagine how long a guy is going to last chasing a damsel in distress into a fire station full of firemen?]

And don't park outside...if it's necessary...if it's life threatening, drive right through the front doors of the place. That will get someones attention.

Learn to save one else will do it for you.

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